Adam Bentley

Adam Bentley

Co-Owner and Coach

I am a former Royal Marine who had a dream to open a fitness facility, driven by the community and members. This happened in 2016 with CrossFit Devizes since then I’ve never looked back, I have well and truly caught the bug and want to bring more fitness into the community.

I have been doing CrossFit for over 7 years and despite thinking I was super fit when departing the marines, I could not of been any more wrong, I spent my first few years of CrossFit practising and practising to master the basics. In 2019 I finished top 1% in the UK.

My sole purpose is to change people’s lives for the better through CrossFit and building amazing communities.

You’ll most likely find me eating or lifting something heavy.

  • "Dropped in yesterday morning to kick start the week. This place is great; good clean space, friendly members and the coach was knowledgable, friendly and approachable. I really enjoyed the programming and highly recommend SW1 if you’re in the area looking for place to train. Another top class addition to the local CrossFit scene. Thanks guys "


  • "Can't thank you all enough, you coaches, all the members that are so encouraging, friendly and sympathetic. I have honestly loved every second during my first month and always felt better after each one!"




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