James Bassett-Smith

James Bassett-Smith

Co-Owner & Coach

Coaching is a passion of mine, it gives me a high! I do CrossFit not for the fitness or skills you gain/learn but for so much more than that! No matter where you are in the world you’re never too far from an awesome CrossFit community. That feeling of being welcomed with open arms receiving high fives (albeit sweaty ones) and feeling valued from the second you step into the box no matter who you are. That is exactly what I fell in love with.
Joining CrossFit is without doubt the single best thing that you can do for your health. CrossFit, the facility and even more so the people within it will make you a better person I have a been doing CrossFit for over 4 years now. SW1 is an idea myself and Adam have had for a long time and the idea is simple- create a unique stylish space that’ll rival any boutique gym, a gym that has members at the heart of the business and deliver exceptional CrossFit classes.

I have coached all over the world over the past few years from the UK to Cyprus to Bali and have a huge passion for making people better.

You’ll most likely find me on the Assault bike or listening to Taylor Swift.

  • "Dropped in yesterday morning to kick start the week. This place is great; good clean space, friendly members and the coach was knowledgable, friendly and approachable. I really enjoyed the programming and highly recommend SW1 if you’re in the area looking for place to train. Another top class addition to the local CrossFit scene. Thanks guys "


  • "Can't thank you all enough, you coaches, all the members that are so encouraging, friendly and sympathetic. I have honestly loved every second during my first month and always felt better after each one!"




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